We headed back to the house at that point to load up the truck. We have a pretty nice set up when we go camping. We take many of the little luxuries many people miss while they are camping but we do it in a way that does not pervert the actual camping trip. One of our friends who frequently camps with us set up a Pinterest board when we decided to make our camping experience a bit more comfortable. We all shared the board and added images of things we thought would make life easier. The tent, mattresses, table, chairs, lanterns, burner stove, and even the dishes and cookware we ultimately bought were posted on that “Camping” Pinterest board. It was fun to do and with everyone working towards the same goal made the selection process so much easier.

So now we take our tent which could sleep 6 if need be and it gets filled up with air mattresses, table and chairs. We have another larger and heavier table to set up outside of the tent which we use for cooking & cleaning. We usually have enough stuff that our campsite stretches out. We have a couple of lantern & of course we have flashlights for convenience as well. We have the 2 burner stove & all of the cookware and dishes one might find themselves wanting during a camping trip. We are usually very comfortable during our camp outs.

Once we had everything loaded up we were running behind by about an hour and a half. We eventually got on the road, making really good time on our way up to the camp grounds. We got there just as we were about to lose the last little bit of light. We tried our best to locate a suitable campsite before this happened which we were able to do. We met up with some friends, including Faye and her husband, who were expecting us. Fortunately, they had saved us a nice spot when they arrived earlier in the afternoon. We did not take our sweet time with anything from that point on. We hurried to get our tent setup and to unload the rest of the truck. The mission came along quickly because we had some extra help from our friends. Once we had everything unpacked it was time to set out for a few hours having a drink and enjoying the company we now had.

The night went well. We decided to burn a few burgers and we had plenty of extras for the entire group. We all had something to drink and many of us shared a story or 2 while the evening progressed. The first night went very well but by the morning the wind had kicked up and it was trying to make it very hard for us to enjoy the mountain. We went on about trying to cook some breakfast unsuccessfully. I decided I would just go back into my tent until the wind died down and the other people agreed that was probably the best idea. It seemed like a great idea but the wind really never died down and we ended up in the tent for most of the rest of the day. Needless to say we ended up packing our stuff up and heading home early. What a sad state of affairs. But we will return!

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