I went camping this weekend. It was a very long trip. I tried to gather all of my camping gear up through out the week leading up to the trip, as I always do but I had such a busy week that there were still some very key elements missing before we could leave on Friday. We did not do too bad but we were still missing our cooler which was borrowed by a friend & never returned. We were also missing the food that we were planning on eating for the trip. Luckily we had pretty much everything else in place for a great trip. It seems that the harder I try to make the scheduled leave time, I less chance I have at being successful.

When I got off work on Friday I had to kick it in full gear to ensure we were able to get to the mountain before the sun went down. It’s fall now & everyday we seem to lose just a bit of sunlight at the end of the day. I had been trying for days to reach my friend bobby because he took my cooler with him to Ohio when he drove his children back to their mother’s house after summer break. After several text messages & a few calls I was able to get him on the phone & he said he was happy to replace it but could not do it at that time and he was sorry for being out of touch. We had a long chat and he told me that Brenda, his wife, is going through chemo therapy right now and he’s been doing a lot of research about the efficacy of marihuana. It was a really interesting chat, and I realized there is so much I just don’t know. We wrapped it up as I decided to go out & buy another cooler while we were doing our grocery shopping for the weekend. We like to keep it simple when we are camping so we try to get stuff that is easy to pack up there & easy to cook as well.

We decided on hamburgers & smoked sausages for our dinners but that left us with breakfast, lunches & snacks. We quickly decided upon ham sandwiches for lunch & grabbed some eggs, sausages & hash browns for breakfast. We got a bag of chips & a package of miniature three musketeers bars for snacks. Once we found all of the food, we still had to go find a cooler. They had a lot of choices but we decided upon a disposable one for this trip since we would soon have another nice one to work with. After checkout I remembered that we had no ice so I went back in as my girlfriend loaded up the truck with what we had just purchased. It did not take me but a moment to get back inside & grab some ice & I was soon outside helping organize the ice chest we had just purchased. With that the last 2 elements of our trip were under control.

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